Education and diet help fight dementia

By Andy Rice 9 August 2010

A new study suggests that combating diabetes, depression and heart disease, as well improving education and diet are some of the best ways to fight dementia. The study was concluded after 1433 people were studied for 7 years in the south of France. The study by French National Institute of Medical Research in Montpellier concluded that education may reduce dementia by as much as 18 percent, and that a diet consisting of at least two portions of fruit or vegetable per day reduces dementia by 6.5 percent. However, Anna Challenor-Wood, who trains people who care for those with dementia, said that she was skeptical of the study's findings, as eliminating diabetes and depression were not straightforward objectives. The main genetic risk factor for dementia is the E4 allele of the ApoE gene, and scientists have not yet figured out how to fix that. Still, a healthy diet and a good book every now and then can't hurt. Read more: New Scientist



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