With malice aforethought
21 November 2017 17:35 (South Africa)

Solidarity takes issue with employment equity report

Trade union Solidarity has that the report issued by the Commission of Employment Equity (the report that prompted CEE chairperson Mpho Nkeli to say that white men still monopolise top management positions) is riddled with misrepresentations and questionable methodology. Solidarity says that by focusing on top jobs and discounting the lower positions, the figures fail to show that workplaces are transforming rapidly. Solidarity deputy general secretary Derek Hermann said that by changing the companies sampled each year, as well as the size of the samples, it allowed the CEE to "compare apples with pears and end up with bananas". However, Nkeli said that the report highlighted the top positions in the country because that is where transformation was slowest and that is where decisions got made. Seems like Hermann's charge that the CEE is pushing a specific ideology rather than the "truth" may not be all that far off.

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