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22 November 2017 11:17 (South Africa)

Reitz Four get R20,000 fines and suspended sentences – which may just be enough

Each of the Reitz four will have to pay a R20,000 fine for crimen injuria, four times what the defense was asking for and a third more than the prosecution recommended. Given that just about everyone, including the victims, agreed that jail time would not be appropriate, there is no controversy in the fines themselves. Given that the white students have apologised profusely, there is room for forgiveness. Now the question is: will R20,000 be seen as sufficient punishment by all those who were outraged on behalf of the cleaners, or will it be considered a slap on the wrist? We lean towards the former; even for privileged white kids R80,000 isn't small change. The addition of a six month suspended sentence (for five years) also doesn't hurt. Eyewitness News, TimesLive


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