First Thing: De Zeeuw survives that face-kick; Cape Town talks property scandal

By Andy Rice 7 July 2010

Last night: De Zeeuw's jaw isn't broken, Feds challenge Arizona's pass law, Samsung earns big, New Zealand bans vuvus, a statue for Maradona, Lohan to go to jail. Coming up today: Spain vs Germany, Cape Town property scandal meet, Simon Wright in court again, this time Malema speaks (pinky-swear).

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Wednesday, 7 July 2010
The World Cup day that was

6 July: Ghanians get the big money
Zuma lauds tournament as a success; Black Stars get $20,000 bonus; The Dutch beat Uruguay 3-2 for a spot in the final; Ballack has a fit of the sulks, goes back home to Germany; Klose closing in on goal-scoring record.


While you were sleeping

X-rays showed that Dutch midfielder Demy de Zeeuw did not have a broken jaw, as was feared, but had only suffered some loose teeth from being kicked in the face by Uruguay’s Martin Cáceres during last night’s semifinal. Though the blow left him briefly unconscious, his team believes he will be fit for the final.

The US federal government officially filed a legal challenge to Arizona’s anti-immigrant law, saying it is a blatant violation of the US Constitution and has potential dire diplomatic consequences. The law makes it incumbent on police to question the immigration status of anyone suspected of being a foreigner, and requires legal immigrants to carry their paperwork at all times.
Politico, Bloomberg

Samsung Electronics said its estimated sales for its second quarter topped 37 trillion won, with a record operating profit of five trillion won, which is just over $4.1 billion. That’s almost double the profit in the same quarter last year.
BusinessWeek, AFP

New Zealand rugby officials banned vuvuzelas from the stadium for Saturday’s test between the Springboks and the All Blacks, promising to confiscate any that are brought to the game. Vuvus have also been banned from the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

An Argentinian legislator introduced a bill seeking to declare Diego Maradona a cultural icon and build a monument in his honour. The soccer coach is said to be cloistered in his home, depressed and considering quitting his job.

Actress Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail, of which she’ll probably serve around a week or two, for failing to attend mandatory alcohol education classes.
LA Times, Entertainment Weekly



It’s Germany vs Spain in today’s World Cup semifinal in Durban at 20:30. Durban has promised a big sendoff party as its part of the tournament comes to a close, and festivities should kick off at about mid-afternoon.

Cape Town has promised to have a public meeting to discuss an investigation into shenanigans around landscaping contracts in the Gordon’s Bay Cemetery, and a development named Ocean Quays. It should be fun, if only because a Democratic Alliance local government is, for once, accused of doing favours in return for later generosity.

Simon Wright, the alleged journalist who is accused of setting up the trespassing incident with the English soccer team, is in court again. Which, from the South African point of view, is important only because it means more British media attention again.

He was a no-show yesterday, but this time around Julius Malema‘s people swear up, down and sideways that he’ll actually be speaking at the Southern African Music Conference in Johannesburg. And we’re still on that like orange on a Dutch supporter.

Economic data: international reserves from the Reserve Bank, and a speech by Reserve Bank governor  Gill Marcus at the Johannesburg Country Club that will, as has become routine, be watched for indications that inflation targeting is being de-prioritised further.



North Korea revealed
Los Angeles Times correspondent Barbara Demick has just won what’s arguably the most prestigious award for literary non-fiction in the world, the Samuel Johnson Prize, for her book Nothing to Envy. By all accounts, it’s an unprecedented look at what everyday life is like in Kim Jong-Il’s People’s Republic.

Paul O’Sullivan: ‘And I’m also going after Thabo Mbeki.’
Since 2001, when he took over as head of security at Airports Company South Africa, Paul O’Sullivan has been engaged in a single-minded endeavour to expose a group of people whose crookedness is (or was) matched only by their power. The charging on Friday of former police chief Jackie Selebi was a direct result of his actions. Now he wants the rest of the bunch brought to book, and one name on his list is Thabo Mbeki.

Times’ paywall sees Guardian laughing all the way into readers’ affections
Political leanings aside, and even with Jeremy Clarkson on side, The Times is going to have a hard time competing with other online writing that is smart, funny and – most importantly – free.

Reporter’s Notebook: Mr Zuma goes to Sweetwaters
It’s becoming a bit of a tired trick – President Jacob Zuma wading into a squalid neglected area and getting mobbed for the cameras. Back when he was under real political pressure, it worked okay. We’re not sure it’ll work forever, though.

Chris Gilmour: The Paradox of Thrift is alive and kicking like crazy
In many parts of the developed world, governments are busy concentrating their minds on cutting budget deficits and debt-to-GDP ratios. It started in the so-called PIIGS countries (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain), but has spread to several other European countries.

Ivo Vegter: FIFA’s heart of darkness
With the tournament’s climax upon us, FIFA has shown its true colours: one of condescension, greed and ill-disguised racism.


World Cup match report

The Dutch crush Forlan and co, finally condemning them to history. Oh yes, they also qualify for the World Cup 2010 final
As we’ve been grown used to at this World Cup, it was war until the very last second again. But this time the orange tide was overwhelming. The match ended  Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2, guaranteeing that, for the first time ever, a European team will win the Cup outside Europe.


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2018 Media Gathering, live from Cape Town International Convention Centre

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The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.