Bowman Gilfillan to represent Dutch miniskirt women in court

By Andy Rice 18 June 2010

Law firm Bowman Gilfillan is representing the two Dutch woman being tried for ambush marketing after they wore orange dresses to Monday's soccer match between The Netherlands and Denmark. According to the law firm, the way in which the women were interrogated after the match and the circumstances surrounding their subsequent arrest on Wednesday morning violated their human rights. The two women, Barbara Castelein and Mirthe Nieuwpoort, released a press statement containing the directive: "You can use this to let the world know that we are OK." Seems Bavaria, which found lawyers for the women, hasn't finished capitalising from the situation. 



As Shaun Abrahams packs his bags, Ramaphosa appoints Silas Ramaite acting NPA head

By Greg Nicolson

The filming of The Beach permanently damaged the ecosystem on the Thai island it was located on.