FNB and PayPal (and eBucks?) to reveal all on 25 March

By Branko Brkic 11 March 2010

Most companies have to work to get attention when they think they're launching something cool. First National Bank has hired Joburg's Turbine Hall for a joint event with PayPal toward the end of March. It may find the cavernous space a little cramped.

Remember when rumour first broke that FNB will be bringing PayPal to South Africa? And how the company was forced to admit talks?

Well, we now have a date. 25 March. That isn’t guaranteed to be a launch date; the two companies have promised only to “discuss how they’re working together to make global eCommerce faster and easier for the South African market”.

Not that were going to start hedging our bets now. We still believe they intend to be up and running well before the World Cup kicks off. We still believe FNB wants to link its eBucks system (an alternative online currency that masquerades as a loyalty scheme) to PayPal, which would be awesome for all involved.

We know that interest in this event is going to be huge, because the details will influence the plans and aspirations of many companies, online and off. We also know that not everybody is going to be let into the venue, never mind cop an invite. We’re here for you. Watch this space on 25 March and you’ll still be among the first to know what the companies have to say.

By Phillip de Wet


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