Video: Malema, my President, plus his attack on wine drinkers

By Branko Brkic 4 March 2010

We captured the most important part of Julius Malema's speech at his 29th birthday party on video for you. And also the bit where he is described as the president, in a little bit of ambiguity the Youth League seems to be enjoying.

The loud speakers were really loud, and somewhat overwhelmed our recording equipment at the start of this clip. But especially at the end you can make out the words to Rebecca Malope’s song clearly.

That song goes with a lot of other material  – T-shirts, posters, and documents – which refer to Julius Malema as president. In many cases that is a shortened form of “President of the young people of South Africa”, a title being used increasingly often. Sometimes it is short for “Youth League president”, with the first part dropped because it’s obvious from the context. But among a hard core of followers it is fully expressed as “future President of the country”.

If you read our earlier report, you would have read how Malema claimed his roots as a poor person. The quote of the day, “I still live poverty” is just after one minute in. And if you stick with it, you’ll also catch the red wine quote.

By Phillip de Wet

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