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Doomsday cultists warn The Daily Maverick

By Branko Brkic 6 January 2010

We published an article on Tuesday under the header “Only 501 shopping days to Armageddon”. The piece was generally about a recent perceived surge in millenarianism, but was more specifically about a sect in California that has judgment day pegged as May 21st 2011. The sect was quick to react.

“2011 Warning in Pictures”. That was the title of the email that arrived in Kevin Bloom’s in-box last night. Yesterday, our writer put together a piece about millenarianism that focused on media evangelist Harold Camping and his 2011 doomsday predictions. Camping, wrote Bloom, had been wrong about the Second Coming once before (September 6, 1994), but fifteen years later his followers were betting that next time (May 21, 2011) he’d be right.

So to prove their devotion, or perhaps to encourage Bloom to start repenting, the email arrived. The body of the email contained many pictures of cars, trucks and billboards. What the pictures had in common was the content of the advertising displayed on the vehicles and billboards: for believers, the “rapture” is approaching; for non-believers, the end of the world is nigh. Your choice.

Here are some of the photos:



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