Accenture puts Tiger back in the wild

By Daily Maverick Legacy 17 December 2009

The Tiger has become dangerous, and is being fenced in very quickly. No longer is it allowed to roam at will among the corporate behemoths, as it’s a threat to their very being. So, one of Tiger Wood’s biggest fans is now running for cover. Global consulting company, Accenture, has told its employees that they don’t anymore “…know what it takes to be a Tiger”, after years of Woods being the face of the Accenture brand. Messy infidelities and reports that his wife will now divorce him, have led to Accenture ending its sponsorship of Woods. The company says its brand campaign is about “high performance”, and Woods isn’t a metaphor for high performance anymore. That’s not true, just ask the ladies with whom he’s been involved. Or Nike or Pepsi with whom he’s still burning bright. Read more: The New York Times, Belfast Telegraph