Mugabe shows his real intent, endless rule and despair

By Incorrect Author 14 December 2009

Robert Mugabe (who should never be called president after butchering his way through elections) told members of his Zanu-PF party that the country’s power-sharing government was only temporary, and he intends to reclaim control of the nation through new elections. His confidence comes from the fact that all past elections have been won or scuppered through vote-rigging and state-directed violence against the opposition Movement for Democratic Change. Mugabe's remarks come as tension between him and MDC Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has reached boiling point over the arrest of an MDC deputy minister on terrorism charges, widespread intimidation of the opposition and the fact that Mugabe and his cronies will not confirm MDC members into their government posts. May they roundly be defeated at the next election and never be heard from again. This has gone on far too long. Read more: CNN, Guardian


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