North Korea says it will kiss and make up with the US … sorta

By Incorrect Author 11 December 2009

North Korea has announced it will continue to work with the US on ending its nuclear programme and resume the now-stalled talks. Or, as the Pyongyang government said, it will work to “narrow remaining differences”. This follows a quick visit to the country by US envoy Stephen Bosworth. - - - - Fact BoxNUCLEAR CRISIS Oct 2006 - North Korea conducts underground nuclear test Feb 2007 - N Korea agrees to close main nuclear reactor in exchange for fuel aid June 2007 - N Korea shuts main Yongbyon reactor June 2008 - N Korea makes long-awaited declaration of nuclear assets Oct 2008 - US removes N Korea from list of countries sponsoring terrorism Dec 2008 - N Korea slows dismantling nuclear programme, after US decision to suspend energy aid April 2009 – N Korea launches rocket carrying what it says is communications satellite May 2009 - N Korea conducts second nuclear test August 2009 - Former US president Bill Clinton helps secure release of two US journalists October 2009 - N Korea tells China it may be willing to return to six-party talks  


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