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19 November 2017 05:02 (South Africa)

Nigeria goes after former government officials

International arrest warrants for two men who held senior positions under former president Olusegun Obasanjo, who left government in 2007, have been issued by Nigeria. Both failed to appear in court in connection with their corruption cases, so the police have called on Interpol. One suspect, accused of embezzling millions of dollars, was once minister for the capital, Abuja, while the other headed up the economic and financial crimes commission. That’s the same anti-corruption body that is now seeking his arrest for not declaring his assets while in office. Both fled the country, with one going to the US and the other to the UK (he said attempts were made on his life). The men’s lawyers say the warrants are a witch-hunt. Nigeria has been cracking down hard on corruption, which is endemic across the ethnically diverse country, but it’s difficult to tell what’s politics and what’s criminal. Read more: BBC, Max Siollun’s Website

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