ElBaradei a pigeon among cats in possible presidency bid

By Incorrect Author 11 December 2009

Mohamed ElBaradei , the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, says he will only run as an independent candidate in Egypt's 2011 presidential elections - if he decides to participate at all. Speculation is rife that he might run on behalf of an opposition party, but it seems the ex-chief of the world’s nuclear watchdog doesn’t find Egypt’s political institutions democratic enough. He’s also stymied by the rules for getting his name on the ballot. To be eligible to run for president, ElBaradei has to have been leader for a year of a party represented in parliament. Earlier, ElBaradei, a former Nobel Peace Prize laureate, called for a new constitution that better respects human rights and puts checks on power. Current Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who has been in power for nearly 30 years, wants to pass it on to his politician son. It seems as if ElBaradei should just stay out of it. Read more: Reuters, Reuters, Los Angeles Times



Lord Hain requests formal investigation of Leave.EU Brexit campaign’s South African links

By Marianne Thamm

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