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23 March 2017 20:02 (South Africa)

Study shows how to get more Aids drugs to more people

A new study published in Britain’s Lancet medical journal reveals that costly and routine laboratory monitoring of toxic side effects of HIV/Aids drugs can be dropped with little concern. Researchers say the money can better be used to increase access to new types of drugs. The study shows that among thousands of people monitored in Uganda and Zimbabwe, which are hard-hit by HIV infections, testing for side effects had no significant impact on survival rates. It’s a case of getting more bang for one’s buck, as many more sufferers could be treated with anti-retroviral therapy using the money saved. The World Health Organisation now prefers standard ART, which uses at least three anti-retroviral drugs to optimally suppress the HI virus. It says it has seen huge reductions in death rates using this regimen. Read more: BBC, World Health Organisation

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