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19 November 2017 03:24 (South Africa)

Meanwhile, pressure for climate draft grows hotter

Delegates have begun the inevitable tango, comparing competing “non-papers” — sections of a proposed draft text with no official existence — in their efforts to hammer out a possible draft of a new climate agreement by the weekend. The effort is taking on increased urgency as the working delegates try to create a real draft agreement in discussable shape by the time senior  ministers arrive – who, in turn, must clear the way forward for the more than 100 heads of state who will follow before the conference ends on 18 December. The two informal proposals now being argued about: a Danish text, seen by many to lean towards the interests of the US and other industrialised powers; and a Chinese one endorsed by a variety of developing countries. Both non-papers are now being criticised by the respective opposing camps – with the Chinese text most recently having come under fire from smaller, poorer nations like Tuvalu (see above). For more, read the New York Times

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