Developing nations expend much hot air over greenhouse gas controls

By Incorrect Author 10 December 2009

As if the split between rich and poor nations is not enough, a new split within the ranks of developing countries is breaking out at the Copenhagen climate conference. Small island states and poor African nations especially vulnerable to the impact of climate change have set out their demands for a legally-binding deal that is much tougher than the old Kyoto Protocol. However, richer developing states such as China oppose these, fearful that tougher actions would curb their growth. The Pacific island nation of Tuvalu got a highly unusual suspension of negotiations until the issue between poorer nations could be resolved. The Tuvalu folks aren’t kidding. Ian Fry, the country’s delegate said, “Our future rests on the outcome of this meeting ” making it clear that his country would accept nothing less than full discussion of its proposal for a new legal protocol. Tuvalu is one of the world’s most vulnerable nations to climate change (translation: Tuvalu will be entirely under water if things go on too long). For more, read the BBC


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