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19 November 2017 05:09 (South Africa)

Senator Reid: agreement reached on “public option” for health care

Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, said he and ten other Democratic senators had reached “broad agreement” over the proposed government-run health insurance plan. This proposed plan has proven to be the biggest obstacle to passage of sweeping health care legislation. Under this latest idea, people between the ages 55 - 64 could “buy in” to (join and pay for) Medicare. Also, a federal agency would negotiate with insurance companies to offer national health benefit plans similar to those offered to federal employees. If these private plans did not make affordable coverage available to all Americans, then government would offer a new insurance plan. By announcing this newest wrinkle. Reid was trying to generate a sense of momentum for the health care legislation, which has been on the Senate floor for consideration for nine days, without an end in sight. For more, read the New York Times

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