Nigerian hospital wilts under flow of police dumping corpses

By Incorrect Author 9 December 2009

A university teaching hospital in Enugu state in south-central Nigeria, says it is overwhelmed by the number of corpses being brought in by police, forcing staff to carry out mass burials. Records show police delivered 75 corpses to the morgue between June and November this year. Nigeria's police are often accused of carrying out extrajudicial and arbitrary killings. The BBC says it has visited the university morgue, finding piles of young men lying on top of each other, and strewn on tables and floors. It says the corpses are stacked four or five deep in places. The BBC also says at least seven people accused of kidnapping were last seen alive in police custody, but that the Enugu state police commissioner told them he was too busy to talk about their fate. It appears that many nations are happy to pump oil in Nigeria, but less happy to concern themselves with gross human rights abuses.Read more: BBC, Human Rights Watch


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Note from the Editor

Democracy in Africa? What democracy in Africa?

Branko Brkic 34 mins ago

The Hindenburg had a smoking room.