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17 November 2017 21:36 (South Africa)

Guinea spirals into chaos as military hunt gunman who shot junta boss

They say terror spreads like contagion, and that’s what’s happening in Guinea, after the head of the country’s presidential guard tried to assassinate his boss, coup leader Moussa Dadis Camara, by shooting him in the head. Camara is now being treated in Morocco, but nobody is telling the truth about his condition. The would-be assassin has not been caught. In the meantime, defence minister Sekouba Konate, has taken control of the country, and now a group of alleged plotters is being hunted down and arrested, according to the military government. A human rights campaigner told the BBC the crackdown had spread much wider, and even imams were being targeted because of their opposition to military rule. Camara took over following the death of long-time dictator Lansana Conte, who died in December after 27 years of authoritarian rule. Guinean troops promptly murdered some 200 people among crowds of 50,000 in Conakry, opposing Camara’s decision to run for president in 2010 elections. It’s time someone stepped in.

Read more: BBC, Guardian

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