UN climate chief says those hacked emails WERE damaging

By Daily Maverick Legacy 7 December 2009

Yvo de Boer, UN climate chief, called on the 192 nations joining the climate summit that begins on Monday “to deliver a strong and long-term response to the challenge of climate change”. But he added that the pilfered emails from the University of East Anglia could fuel scepticism among those who believe scientists exaggerate the situation around global warming. Emails hacked from the university’s climate unit seem to show scientists discussing how to hide data from public scrutiny and suppress other work. Climate change sceptics have seized on this to argue scientists are conspiring to overly alarm the public on global warming. Negotiators in Copenhagen are aiming to set targets for carbon dioxide and other global-warming gases by leading contributor nations such as China and the US, and they are also hoping to sort out how – and how much - rich countries should pay to help poor nations deal with climate change. De Boer said climate targets already announced were helping the summit’s chances – even if they were below levels scientists say are needed to prevent major ice cap melts and sea temperature rises. For more information, see the AP


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