Former world nuclear watchdog boss considers running for Egyptian presidency

By Incorrect Author 7 December 2009

Mohamed ElBaradei, the former boss of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the world’s nuclear watchdog, says a decision on his entering Egypt’s 2011 presidential race is contingent on guarantees of a fair election. ElBaradei also laid out other demands, including calling for a new constitution that better respects human rights and put checks on power. Current Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak hopes to pass power on to his son. ElBaradei also wants judicial supervision of the vote, UN monitors and equal coverage for all candidates by state media, to indicate a capacity for democratic reform in Egypt. But to be eligible to run for president, ElBaradei would have to hold a leadership post for at least a year in a political party represented in parliament. It’s a nice idea, though, as he is seen to represent a chance for real democracy. Mubarak has been in power for nearly 30 years. Read more: Reuters, Los Angeles Times



Former Gauteng transport head implicated in dodgy tenders appointed special adviser to Minister Susan Shabangu

By Marianne Thamm

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