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20 November 2017 09:45 (South Africa)

Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai sees progress in unity talks

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says his Movement for Democratic Change party and unity government partner Zanu-PF have made progress in talks over central bank governor Gideon Gono and attorney general Johannes Tomana. The men are both Mugabe loyalists whom the MDC and Western donors would like to see removed from their posts. Gono has presided over an economy that has shrunk some 50% since 2000, when Mugabe broke the country’s agriculture industry by confiscating white farms. The unity government came close to falling apart last month, in a dispute over the implementation of the country’s February 2009 power-sharing deal. But the two sides eventually agreed on further talks. It would be nice to believe the courageous and ever-optimistic Tsvangirai, but many issues are still outstanding, including the terrorism charges levelled against MDC treasurer Roy Bennett. One hopes that if Tomana does get the boot, this sham of a trial will cease immediately. That would be progress. Read more:  Reuters, AFP

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