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28 March 2017 06:12 (South Africa)

Crackdown on students who cheat to get into US business schools

Students who have tried to cheat on the international Graduate Management Admission Test (to gain entry to US business schools) by visiting Web sites carrying illegally obtained test material are now being hunted down by the Graduate Management Admission Council. The GMAC action includes using high-technology to catch proxy test-takers hired by students to take the test for them. GMAC is particularly focusing its efforts on China, where it has already revoked 32 test scores this year. One instance of cheating in China involved a woman who took the GMAT on seven different occasions for seven different people. The crackdown comes after an important victory for GMAC in China, where a court ruled that a certain website had infringed GMAC's copyright by providing exclusive GMAT materials to test-takers for a fee. It’s a pretty common problem in a virtual world. Many people are not who you think they are. Read more:  Business Week, GMAC

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