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20 November 2017 05:50 (South Africa)

Iran threatens to turn out more enriched uranium, nixes UN plan

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran said Wednesday, oh yes it will too enrich uranium to a higher level by itself, the newest sign Iran was nixing a UN proposal that would preclude Iranian efforts to enrich fissile material for bombs. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made this pledge after expressing his displeasure about the ongoing negotiations to Iran’s low-enriched uranium for more highly enriched fuel rods for a medical research nuclear reactor. Officials from the U.N. nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency, said they had no immediate comment. Low level, enriched uranium is suitable for nuclear energy, but when it is enriched more, it is ready to be turned into weapons. Iran now has one operating enrichment facility that has made about 1,500 kilograms of 3.5 % enriched uranium over the past years, but the country needs uranium enriched to a 20 % level for a medical research reactor. Ahmadinejad announced Iran would build 10 more uranium enrichment facilities, despite the widespread view the country simply can not achieve such a broad, high level of technology. For more, read the AP

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