India to add its own climate change commitment ahead of Copenhagen

By Incorrect Author 2 December 2009

Recent announcements by the US and China to cut carbon dioxide emissions has inspired India to make its own commitment to slow greenhouse gas emissions. The move marks a big shift for the country with a population over one billion. Until now India said that wealthier nations should bear the brunt of carbon cuts rather than developing nations. Africa still takes this view, but in its case, apart from South Africa and Nigeria, it produces relatively few emissions.  Not so India, which is highly industrialised. The US says it will cut total emissions by 17% by 2020, while China says it will lower carbon pollutants by 40% relative to the size of its economy (a somewhat different measure). Now India feels the need to get into step with the new warm and fuzzy feelings being generated ahead of Copenhagen’s climate change summit, and may announce its target later this week. Read more: The Washington Post


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