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12 December 2017 18:15 (South Africa)

Iran says that crafty devil, the UN, made them do it

The head of Iran's nuclear programme, Vice President Ali Akbar Salehi, announced that UN criticism had forced Iran to retaliate by creating ambitious plans for additional uranium enrichment. Meanwhile, the French have said that the multiparty diplomacy wasn’t working and sanctions were necessary. Salehi said 10 new uranium enrichment facilities were needed to respond to an International Atomic Energy Agency resolution last week that demanded Iran halt all of its enrichment activities. Diplomatic sources say this announcement is largely bluster: new plants would take years to build and stock with the sophisticated centrifuges used to separate fissile material from other uranium, even if Iran could afford it or obtain the materials while it is under a UN sanctions regimen. French foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner said, “Iran is playing an extremely dangerous game. There's no coherence in all this, other than a gut reaction.”  Iran and its negotiating adversaries at the UN are deadlocked over a UN proposal for Iran to send much of its enriched uranium abroad, but Iran has balked at the offer. For more, follow on the AP

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