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24 November 2017 14:48 (South Africa)

US turns to cyber shopping after Thanksgiving

Americans shop till they drop around Thanksgiving, making it probably the most important time of the whole US retailing year. It follows that this is a good indicator of how the buying public feels about life, the universe and everything. This year, shoppers forked out $41.2bn during this period, a rise of 0.5% on 2008, but people are still feeling cash-strapped as they spent some 8% less each, despite the higher total. This is because nearly 200 million of them shopped more cheaply online (two-thirds of a population of 300 million). And it seems many now shop virtually in the days after Thanksgiving, now known as Cyber Monday, after online sales spiked as people returned to the office. Many websites are extending promotions for several days, with Wal-Mart calling its sale “Cyber Week”.

Read more: BBC, The Washington Post

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