Uganda’s population set to boom

By Incorrect Author 27 November 2009

Uganda’s population of about 32 million may treble to more than 100 million by 2050, because of its 3.2% population growth rate. The nation’s Population Secretariat says more than a million individuals are added each year. When birth rates remain high at the same time death rates decrease (usually as a result of improvements in healthcare), the population tends to expand rapidly. This is known as the “demographic trap”, and is something many poor countries experience when going from an underdeveloped to a more developed state. Population pressures worsen poverty and lead to food insecurity. This may also increase the vulnerability of young people to risky behaviours such as crime and prostitution to make ends meet, which will put pressure on Uganda’s remarkably successful HIV/Aids programme to date. Read more: Bloomberg, SOS Children’s Villages Canada


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