With malice aforethought
24 March 2017 19:42 (South Africa)

Iran grabs Nobel Peace Prize medal from lawyer

Iranian officials have confiscated Nobel Peace laureate Shirin Ebadi's prize medal, indicating a new stage in Iran’s crackdown on dissent. The Norwegian government said this was the first time in the awards’ 108-year history that a prize medal had been confiscated. Ebadi received the award in 2003 for her efforts in promoting democracy. Since then the Iranian government has frequently harassed her, including raiding her office and confiscating files. This latest raid was apparently part of a larger effort to deal with the opposition, especially after major street protests over Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s disputed re-election in June. Ebadi was out of the country at the time of the vote and has not returned since, saying she is “in an effective state of exile”. For more, read the AP

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