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24 November 2017 15:04 (South Africa)

UN mulls over Eritrea sanctions for alleged interference in Somalia

Eritrea says the international community will regret moves to impose sanctions on the country. The UN Security Council is reviewing draft plans for punitive measures against Somalia's near neighbour, who it accuses of funding rebels fighting Somalia's UN-backed transitional government. The measures could include an arms embargo, travel bans and the freezing of assets of members of Eritrea's government and military. Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki dismissed the claims, saying the anarchic Horn of Africa country is stockpiled with weapons, and doesn't need help from Eritrea. He also says the course of action pursued by the international community in Somalia has failed to produce any fruitful outcome. The African Union, which has 5,000 peacekeepers in the country, also wants sanctions, as its troops bear the brunt of the violence. Read more: Reuters, afrol News

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