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18 November 2017 17:54 (South Africa)

Just back from East Asia, Obama meets Indian president

obama singh

Speaking directly to Indian President Manmohan Singh as he made a state visit to the US, President Barack Obama said Singh was a "fitting leader" for the occasion and that India was indispensable to the US. The two leaders plan to discuss Afghanistan, climate change, nuclear energy, cooperation and trade. Singh began his visit to America on Monday and is receiving the highest level of pomp and circumstance since Obama became president. Obama's presidency has been dominated by Afghanistan and Pakistan, and his  recent trip to Beijing underscored an appreciation of China's growing power. But this visit is designed to soothe Indian fears that the relationship has slipped since the Bush presidency, and Indians look to the visit to move towards finalisation of the civilian nuclear deal signed last year. The two leaders also plan to sign a memorandum of understanding on climate change. For more, read the BBC

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