25 new entries get the Hall of Fame nod

By Branko Brkic 25 November 2009

It's 13 years overdue, but Riders on the Storm, the 1971 single by The Doors, will finally make it into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Every year the Grammy illuminati don their cowled robes and gather in a dimly lit room to decide which singles and albums – at least 25 years old – are worthy of inclusion to the Hall of Fame. The criteria are ridiculously broad ("recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance") and it would be naive to believe that record companies don't lobby behind the scenes with a view to re-issue profits. But fans still feel passionate about the honour. The 25 recordings selected this year leans towards jazz, though there is some R&B and pop in the mix. And in the best sign that the selection process isn't entirely flawed, there isn't a single song on the list that won't be instantly recognisable even to a teenager. Read more: Grammy press release (PDF), Variety


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