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24 November 2017 02:03 (South Africa)

Iran runs military drills to protect its peaceful military nuke facilities

Simulating a defence effort against attacks on its nuclear facilities, Iran has been running a series of military exercises.  Both the US and Israel have not explicitly ruled out military options should current negotiations over Tehran's nuclear programme come to naught.  Speaking on the first day of the drills, General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said even if Israeli warplanes evade Iranian defences, Iran has surface-to-surface missiles to destroy Israeli air force bases. Iran’s five days of air defence drills are covering a third of the country and officials say they are trying out new weapons systems and testing if its communications can work even if there is electronic warfare. These exercises coincide with difficulties over a possible deal to ease western concerns that Iran may be trying to achieve nuclear weapons. Iran consistently denies this. For more, read the VOA news

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