Is the Kennedy dynasty’s newest generation up to it?

By Incorrect Author 23 November 2009

With the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, there are predictions the Kennedy family's long-running political dynasty has reached an end, but a look at the newest Kennedys shows a generation who might still give new life to this long-running political dynasty, despite the usual array of blemishes.  The late senator's eldest son, Edward Kennedy Jr., is considering following in his father's footsteps in politics, but has no immediate plans to do so. The image of former six-term Massachusetts congressman Joe Kennedy, eldest son of Robert Kennedy, was tarnished when his former wife published a book about their marriage. One of Joe Kennedy's own sons, Joseph Kennedy III, might seek his father's old House seat if the incumbent wins in a special election to replace Ted Kennedy. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Robert Kennedy’s oldest child, was lieutenant  governor of Maryland, but failed in a 2002 gubernatorial bid. Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, Ted Kennedy’s youngest son, has used his struggles with depression and substance abuse to push for better care for the mentally ill, but has so far offered no indication of an interest in the Senate seat. For more information, read the AP