West ponders next move if Iran declines uranium enrichment plan

By Incorrect Author 20 November 2009

The US and its partners have begun to consider a “package of potential steps” if, as now seems likely, Iran says no thanks to uranium enrichment deal. Barack Obama says Iran needs to hear a clear message that it would be making itself less, not more secure, if it didn’t get with the uranium enrichment programme. The Iranian government has indicated it would decline the offer to ship low-enriched uranium abroad in return for fuel, and instead proposed a simultaneous exchange of uranium on its territory. This is not likely to be acceptable to the nations negotiating with Iran on this issue. The Russians continue to argue that an agreement remains possible. The UN Security Council’s permanent members - Britain, China, France, Russia and the US, plus Germany - will meet on Friday to discuss Iran's response. The International Atomic Energy Agency has already said it needed more clarification about the newly declared enrichment facility near Qom. For more, read the BBC