Subway to make benefit glorious nation of Russia with building 1,000 outlets

By Incorrect Author 19 November 2009

By sales, Subway is the second-biggest fast food chain in the world (behind Yum! Brands), with almost 32,000 shops in 91 countries. But as the markets’ saturation and recession hit the globe, Subway had to step on the brakes for a while. Now that the signs of recovery are starting to show, Subway is thinking aggressively about the future again. First on the list: Russia. Subway has a comparatively miniscule 78 outlets there and the executives are salivating over Russia’s relatively uncontested market for fast foods. The company hopes to hit its target by 2015, probably making it Europe’s second-biggest Subway market, behind the UK, but in front of Germany, France and Ireland. Read more: Reuters