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23 October 2017 13:30 (South Africa)

Divorcee stoned to death by Somalia’s Islamist radicals

Islamist radicals, who want universal sharia law imposed in Somalia, stoned a 20-year-old divorcee to death after she was accused of committing adultery. The woman was taken to a public place some 400km north-west of the capital, Mogadishu, and buried up to her waist. A crowd of about 200 witnessed the stoning. A judge, working with the militant al-Shabaab group, said she had an affair with an unmarried 29-year-old man, and had given birth to a still-born child. Her boyfriend was given 100 lashes. Al-Shabaab controls large areas of southern Somalia and frequently attacks African Union peacekeepers in the violence-ravaged country. Read more: BBC, VOA

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