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23 August 2017 04:14 (South Africa)

Food summit no-show aggravates East African hunger

While an absence of many world leaders has undermined this week's UN food summit in Rome, its final declaration shows little progress has been made in the fight against hunger. The timing of the stayaway (and moral cowardice of the leaders) is evident after the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said it needed $1 billion to feed 20 million people in East Africa over the next six months. Nearly half of that money is needed in Ethiopia alone. Drought, poor rains and widespread conflict have damaged crops in several countries in East Africa. Kenya, is suffering its worst drought in almost a decade, while some 6.2 million Ethiopians (almost half the country) need food aid. In neighbouring Somalia, one in five children is suffering from acute malnutrition, the UN agency says. Read more: Reuters, Reuters

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