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22 November 2017 09:30 (South Africa)

Obama, Hu have good meetings, agree on some things, not on others

obama and jintao 02

US President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Hu Jintao had hours of palaver during Obama's East Asia visit, but they continue to be divided over economic, security and human rights issues. After the talks, Obama said in the two leaders' joint press appearance that the two countries' relationship "goes far beyond any single issue". Both men spoke positively about a growing relationship between the two countries and emphasised cooperation on the economy, climate change, energy and the nuclear threats of Iran and North Korea. Their talks were productive rather than useful, honest or frank - the latter three are diplomatic synonyms for “they were within minutes of hurling chairs at each other”, while “productive” means they didn't agree on everything, but there was no major blood loss. For more read the AP.

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