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28 March 2017 17:34 (South Africa)

Libyan al-Qaeda group opts for peace

First Libya’s “Brother Leader” (that’s what he’s called – among many other things) Muammar Gaddafi decided to woo the West after being the bad boy of global terror for quite some time. Now, CNN says the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, a radical jihadist group, once allied with Osama bin Laden, is publicly repudiating al-Qaeda's ideology. The group has said it won’t use violence to achieve political ends and says killing civilians is not Islamic. The government of neighbouring Algeria, which has long suffered from an Islamist insurgency, and where al-Qaeda has a north African wing, is already widely disseminating LIGF’s decision to its own militant groups to help stem violence. Read more: CNN, BBC, Magharebia

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