Iran may be hiding even more nuke facilities

By Incorrect Author 17 November 2009

International inspectors who have examined Iran's formerly secret nuclear enrichment plant being finished near Qom, now have suspicions the country has been hiding yet other atomic facilities. The facility is in an advanced state of completion, but the nuclear centrifuges are not yet in place. This report comes as the Obama administration and others evince growing impatience with Iran's sluggish responses in the ongoing nuclear negotiations. The International Atomic Energy Agency now says it is sceptical whether Iran would not have built other facilities if the main ones were destroyed. The inspectors confirmed intelligence reports the site is to house about 3,000 centrifuges, sufficient to produce enough material for one or two nuclear weapons a year, even though it is too small to produce fuel rods for civilian nuke power, the ostensible purpose of the facility. For more, read the NYTimes, Haaretz