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23 November 2017 09:13 (South Africa)

China vies for top number of students in America

According to the authoritative "Open Doors" report on foreign students in America, although India still sends the largest number of students to the US, 103,260 (9% higher than last year), China is catching up quickly with 98,510 (a 21% increase). The report is published by the Institute of International Education, a private body, in association with the state department. The IIE says the number of foreign students in the US reached 671,616 - the highest in 25 years. And we bet none of them are studying how to fly 747s without the part of the course teaching how to take off and land. The IIE notes foreign students are increasingly important to American universities, given the impact of the recession. Foreign students bring $17.8 billion to the country in tuition, shopping and living expenses. The IIE adds that instead of the old stereotype of Chinese students in the physics lab, Chinese parents are investing in getting their one child an American liberal arts education.
For more, read the New York Times,or check out IIE's report.

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