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19 November 2017 12:11 (South Africa)

But Chinese censors limit Obama’s challenge to liberate the Web

Barack Obama's call on China to end Internet censorship and endorse free speech went largely unheard in China as his comments were blocked online and shown on only one regional TV channel. China's 250 million Internet users cope with the so-called "Great Firewall of China", blocking technology that limits unwanted traffic. In Obama's town hall meeting in Shanghai, his extensive comments on such firewalls were downplayed by the Chinese media in their reporting on the event and scrubbed from various Internet sites. The full transcript of the session was pulled by censors after 27 minutes and another full transcript was eventually posted on the official news agency, but required some serious searching to find, according to Webheads in China. Video and audio streaming could be seen on the White House's site, but the feed was choppy and delayed inside China. A bandwidth problem? Nah. For more, read the AP.

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