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24 November 2017 14:48 (South Africa)

Murdock’s NY Post praises Obama – pigs fly

The New York Post, astoundingly, has praised President Barack Obama’s presence, words and posture at the memorial ceremony at Fort Hood, scene of a tragic killing spree last week by Army Major Nidal Hasan. The Post’s columnist Charles Hurt wrote, “With a pained face and a voice laced with sombre reverence, President Obama yesterday properly mourned the dead and wounded at Fort Hood. And, wisely, the commander-in-chief steered clear of all the knee-jerk justifications we have heard this past week from his trusted friends in the media….” Hurt continued, “The president properly stowed his most soaring oratory for this occasion because it really wasn't about him and his legendary speechifyin. Obama's highest note came when honouring the legacy of the fallen in a line that will be remembered, ‘Your loved ones endure through the life of our nation,’ he said, using the most exalting language he has ever used to describe our military.” Read more at the NYPost

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