Americans grumble and groan but still support Obama – sort of

By Incorrect Author 12 November 2009

The latest Associated Press-GfK poll shows President Barack Obama's current approval rating stands at 54%, about the same as last month, but lower than an enthusiastic 74% that celebrated his inauguration as president. Moreover, 56% say the country is heading the wrong way, 45% now disapprove of Obama's handling of Iraq, 48% disapprove of his handling of Afghanistan and a majority of Americans oppose both wars, while 54% oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan. The economy is still the most important issue for Americans as unemployment rose to 10.2%. Only a third believe Congress is doing a decent job.Obama’s drop in support comes as he tries to revive a struggling economy, considers sending more troops to Afghanistan, struggles with a health care overhaul in Congress and weighs other measures such as climate change legislation. This question of support for Obama will be the backdrop for the upcoming mid-term election in 2010. A third of the Senate, all 435 House representatives and many governors’ offices will be up for a vote. For more, read the AP



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By Marianne Thamm

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