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25 November 2017 04:01 (South Africa)

Charges that Blackwater paid off critics after guards killed 17 civilians in Iraq

Four former Blackwater managers charge Blackwater Worldwide’s top management organized secret hush money payments of $1 million to Iraqi officials so they wouldn’t raise public criticism and to get them thoroughly on board after Blackwater security guards killed 17 Iraqi civilians in Baghdad. Blackwater has been a major contractor to American forces for a wide variety of security-related tasks during the American occupation in Iraq. The New York Times is reporting that four former Blackwater executives have pointed the finger at Gary Jackson, who while president of Blackwater, had approved the bribes, and that the money was sent to Iraq from the company’s Amman, Jordan operations hub. The executives do not know for certain, however, that the cash reached Iraqi officials or the specific identities of intended recipients.

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