What are they going to do about Maroga?

By Stephen Grootes 10 November 2009

If Monday was bad for Bobby Godsell, Tuesday swung the pendulum back against Maroga.

The official veil of silence over the Jacob Maroga issue is prolonging the agony for South Africa and our power sector. But we understand (based in part on Eyewitness News reports on Tuesday) that Jacob Maroga’s days may be numbered.  The Eskom board is due to release a statement on Wednesday morning (this was pushed back from an original time of Tuesday afternoon) that will “clarify” the situation.

However, EWN reported on Tuesday, that Maroga didn’t have the board’s permission to be at work on Monday. What exactly happened on Tuesday morning is still a mystery, but gossip from the Eskom corridors suggests he was told to leave post haste.  If you see him, you might want to ask to see his access card, just to see if he still has it.

When contacted directly, Maroga stuck to his “I can’t comment at the moment” tune. He was also in a meeting.  With whom, you ask?  Probably a lawyer, more likely a political advisor. As far as we know  the Eskom board members (the ones that are still in office) absolutely believe Maroga’s resignation does have full legal force and effect.  Thus, they want him out.  Suspension would, one presumes, be the most logical option.  But hold on say the lawyers, if you do that, you could give legal recognition to his status as chief executive officer.  The board is probably quite keen to quote some Charles Dickens on their view of the animalistic nature of the law. 

How will they resolve this? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode. And if your money is on Maroga finally leaving, we wouldn’t exactly bet against you.

By Stephen Grootes

(Grootes is an Eyewitness News reporter)


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