Resistance is futile
19 November 2017 10:48 (South Africa)

Sea rising off Western Australia – heads up Bruce and Sheila!

Scientists say sea levels are rising off Western Australia at twice the rate of the rest of the world. According to Australia's National Tidal Centre, sea levels have risen by 8.6mm a year off Perth and by 8.1mm a year off the Kimberley region in the past 20 years. The global average is only about 3mm a year. Scientists at Australia's government-funded scientific research institute say climate change has played a role as warmer temperatures cause water to expand, a phenomenon called thermal expansion, and cause glaciers and polar ice caps to melt. Since about 80% of all Australians live in coastal areas, there are growing fears some coastal communities may have to be surrendered. Sea front property soon to be available at Ayers Rock? For Sheila and Bruce at least, this report makes the Copenhagen climate conference a particularly pertinent international meeting. For more, read the VOA

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