Bennett terrorism trial adjourned

By Daily Maverick Legacy 10 November 2009

The terrorism trial of Roy Bennett, who was to have become deputy agriculture minister in Zimbabwe’s unity government before his arrest, has been adjourned until Wednesday while the judge mulls over a defence motion to cull a prosecution witness. Bennett’s party, the Movement for Democratic Change, says the trial is malicious politics, and was a big reason the MDC left the coalition government formed with Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-PF. The defence wants a key witness for the prosecution barred, after he said he implicated Bennett in a plot to kill Mugabe while under torture. Meanwhile, the MDC has rejoined the government following mediation efforts by the Southern African Development Community. Bennett faces charges of terrorism, insurgency, sabotage and banditry, and could get the death penalty. Something smells bad in Harare. Read more:  BBC, Bloomberg


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