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22 October 2017 19:09 (South Africa)

The never-ending financial saga hits discordant note as Honolulu Symphony cancels season, files for bankruptcy

The recession has been tough on lots of organisations, not only General Motors, Chrysler or AIG. The Honolulu Symphony orchestra has cancelled all its concerts for the rest of the year and filed for bankruptcy, noting the big fall in gifts from supporters. This orchestra is America’s oldest one west of Colorado and finally decided to go for Chapter 11 protection at the end of last month. The orchestra notes that ticket revenues only cover 30% of costs, meaning they depend on donations for the rest and the recession has been a real body blow. The 109-year-old orchestra is hoping it can regroup as a leaner and meaner symphony, but it is not yet clear when – or if – concerts will resume.  That would leave Honolulu with what…Don Ho? Read more at the AP

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